5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador

You might be hearing people talk about being a brand ambassador. That sounds cool and sexy and all that, but what does it mean to be one? And how do you become one? In this article I will give you 5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador and I’ll answer your questions to get you on your way to becoming a successful brand ambassador.

What is a Brand Ambassador

First of all, what does it mean to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador? Socialhp.com, in their great article, “12 Reasons You Need Brand Ambassadors Now” states,

Brand ambassadors are simply people who represent and talk about your company in a positive way, preferably in front of lots of potential customers (i.e. their friends and family).

A brand ambassador is someone who embodies the brand he or she is endorsing. They provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to a brand. A social media brand ambassador (or SMBA as we like to call them) is someone who does this for your company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and they are gold to your company.

So brands are looking for people to help humanize, personalize and distinguish their products. Basically, the consuming public thinks if a person I trust likes this product then I probably would like this product. In fact, I should probably buy the product!

What that means is, you as a blogger or social media influencer, you have built an audience that trusts you. So you are becoming valuable to brands. Quality Brands want access to your trusting followers. Therefore, you have something of value.  Friends, it is time for you to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador!

But how do you actually become a Brand Ambassador?


1. Build a large active trust community.

Just by having a blog and/or a large-ish (is that a word??), active social media presence, you are well on your way. If you have built a large enough, active community in some niche of your choosing that is of interest to a brand, they might contact you directly. They are constantly on the lookout for people who have an active trusting following.

What that means of course is the first most important thing is you have to build that great community. If you are struggling a bit with building that great Community, check out this article here How to Build a Large Following on Social Media:

2.  Review Your Favorite Brands

We all have brands or products that we completely and totally love. It might be a camera if you’re a photographer or a lens or camera bag or whatever.

So write a blog post or make a video of a review on that product. Of course make sure the quality is good and then share it around your social community. After your review has gotten some response, then share it directly with the brand. They might like your work so much that they will offer you a role as a brand ambassador right there.

The first time I attempted this was with Hill Sound Equipment, makers of ice cleats for winter climbing.  I went photographing the frozen Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis Minnesota. To get the really interesting shots, you need to climb up behind the frozen falls. Yes even if you are not supposed to. This climb can be treacherous unless you have have some amazing ice cleat for your boots.  I had finally purchased some so that I could get outside and enjoy the winter activities more safely.  I tagged Hill Sound Equipment on Instagram and other social media outlets.

In this case I was not successful in acquiring a Brand Ambassador role from them but it was a step down the path of becomeing a more bold successful brand ambassador. Be bold and courageous, it will pay off.

3. Watch for Brands looking for Ambassadors

I think it’s pretty safe to say that all brands are interested it in acquiring brand ambassadors, and many are looking very actively for them. They will post on their own websites that they’re seeking brand ambassadors or you’ll see on their social media sites that they’re seeking brand ambassadors.

If the particular product fits in your niche, then of course contact them and show them how you’re a great fit for their product. Also tell them about your great community that you’ve built. Again remember, brands are hungry to have access to your loyal following.

4. Start with Small Local Firms

Small local firms generally have smaller budgets for advertising, but they still have a huge need for advertising. That makes a perfect win-win situation for you to get started being a brand ambassador.

How This generally works is the local brand will offer you some of their product and you can do a photo session or a review of their company or product. You will give them some exposure on your blog or social media platforms and you’re honest recommendation will encourage people to a visit their shop or buy the product. This is quite frankly the easiest way to get going as a brand ambassador.

Beaver Island Brewing Co

I used this exact method with Beaver Island Brewing Co out of St Cloud, MN. I met them at the 2017 Minnesota Governor’s fishing opener. I captured just a few images of their booth at the event and distributed it on social media just a little bit.  Original tweet: https://twitter.com/waynemoran_inc/status/863208825964421120

5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador

Tweet Beaver Island Brewing Co

That started a wonderful relationship with them. Since that time I’ve done a Beaver Island Brewery swag giveaway to my followers that built some exposure for. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/search?q=beaverislandstc%20waynemoran&src=typd

5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador

Tweet Beaver Island Brewing Co Swag Give Away

They gave me multiple cases of beer to do this for them. And it was a perfect win-win. I then did one more post for them of us consuming the beer at a recent family event, which again gave them some large exposure.

It was a perfect win-win-win for everybody.

5 Be Courageous Enough to Ask

Always Give People the Opportunity to Say No

So once you’ve successfully built your Social Media blog platform with your large active following, it gives you the perfect right to just start asking Brands right and left if they’re interested in using you as a brand ambassador. I have the philosophy that I always live life with, “always give the people the opportunity to say no”. What this means is be brave enough to ask for what you want. And then the other party has the right and opportunity to say yes or no. But by you asking for what, you want gave them that opportunity. If you did not ask they could not possibly say yes.

AdoramaPix Brand Ambassador

This is exactly how it worked for me with the national brand Adoramapix. I just happened to follow them one day on Instagram. Within a few moments of following them, I simply asked, is your company in need of a brand ambassador?

It turns out they were right in the middle of building a very significant brand ambassador program and they were going to be doing a very large marketing campaign with brand ambassadors. They took a look at my social media reach and my website basically checking to see if I was authentic. Then within a week I was accepted into the program and I had Become a Successful Brand Ambassador.  Check out all of AdoramaPix Brand Ambassadors: https://www.adoramapix.com/ambassadors

Since then I’ve been given multiple hundreds of dollars of free prints and I’ve been giving huge National exposure. Being a brand ambassador is a huge game changer.


So I’ve given you the 5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador. Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to build a very strong presence in your blog and your social media world. With that reach and that presence, anything becomes possible for you.

If this article has been helpful to you I would love to hear your comments here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, please like this article and share it on your social media Outlets.

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure!


5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Brand Ambassador

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website