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Whether you are dreaming about your first collected piece of Wayne Moran Photography Fine Art, or you have your own gallery of collected pieces, This Newsletter is for you!


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your journey, This Newsletter is for you!

Our newsletter is like a magical camera bag filled with everything you need to capture the world in stunning detail. But unlike a camera bag (which might hold a forgotten granola bar), we offer exclusive benefits just for subscribers – think discounts, special deals, and even limited-edition art!

Sharpen Your Skills and Spark Your Creativity:

  1. Master the fundamentals: Learn the essentials of composition, lighting, exposure, and editing, so your photos go from “meh” to “masterpiece.”
  2. Explore advanced techniques: Dive deeper into topics like long exposure, macro photography, and light painting.
  3. Unlock creative potential: Discover innovative approaches to capture captivating images that tell a story.
  4. Refine your editing skills: Get tips and tricks on using editing software to enhance your photographs.
  5. Learn from the masters: Gain insights from interviews and stories featuring acclaimed photographers.

Stay Informed and In the Know:

  1. Industry trends: Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest photography trends and technologies.
  2. Gear updates: Receive unbiased reviews and recommendations on new cameras, lenses, and accessories.
  3. Upcoming events: Discover photography workshops, competitions, and exhibitions near you.
  4. Inspiring photo challenges: Push your creative boundaries and participate in fun, themed challenges with exclusive discount codes for winners!
  5. Exclusive discounts: Access special offers and coupons on photography software, gear, and services just for subscribers.

Fuel Your Inspiration and Unlock Exclusive Perks:

  1. Discover breathtaking locations: Explore travel photography guides and location recommendations, with special deals on travel photography tours for subscribers only.
  2. Uncover fascinating subjects: Find inspiration with diverse photography themes like nature, portraits, street photography, and more.
  3. Capture the world in a new light: Learn how different lighting conditions can dramatically impact your photos.
  4. Embrace the power of storytelling: Learn how to use photography to evoke emotions and tell powerful stories.
  5. Challenge your perspective: See the world through the lens of renowned photographers and broaden your vision.

Connect and Grow as a Photographer (and Collector!):

  1. Join a thriving community: Interact with fellow photography enthusiasts and share your work for constructive feedback.
  2. Participate in discussions: Engage in lively conversations about photography techniques and challenges.
  3. Get expert advice: Ask questions and receive guidance from experienced photographers.
  4. Find collaborators: Connect with other photographers for creative projects and collaborations.
  5. Build your online presence: Learn how to effectively showcase your photography online, with a chance to be featured in our newsletter and win a limited-edition print of a featured photographer’s work!

And Much More!

  1. Improve composition with the “Rule of Thirds” and “Leading Lines.”

  2. Master the art of natural light photography.

  3. Learn how to photograph stunning sunsets and sunrises.

  4. Capture breathtaking landscapes with panoramic photography.

  5. Explore the beauty of macro photography.

  6. Unlock the secrets of creative blur and bokeh.

  7. Learn how to photograph pets and wildlife.

  8. Master the art of portraits that capture personality.

  9. Explore the possibilities of black and white photography.

  10. Learn how to edit for color balance and exposure correction.

  11. Discover the magic of long exposure photography.

  12. Learn how to photograph moving subjects with freezing motion.

  13. Explore light painting techniques for unique effects.

  14. Master the art of storytelling through photography.

  15. Learn how to effectively use social media to share your work.

Beyond the Technical:

  1. Develop your artistic vision.

  2. Find inspiration in everyday moments.

  3. Capture the emotions and stories in your photographs.

  4. Document your life and your journey.

  5. Share your unique perspective with the world.

  6. Get motivated and overcome creative challenges.

  7. Build confidence in your photography skills.

  8. Learn something new every day.

  9. Enjoy the journey of continuous learning and growth.

  10. Find a supportive and encouraging community.

Plus, Exclusive Benefits for Subscribers:

  1. Be the first to access exclusive content and tutorials.
  2. Win amazing prizes in our photography contests.
  3. Be the first to know about limited-edition prints for your collection.
  4. Find out about our progress in the new Digital Image World and NFTs.
  5. Be the first to learn about the next public appearance. 

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I think you can see there are many reasons why it is so important for you to be part of our newsletter.   Currently we have two separate lists. One is more for collectors and one is more for photographers and fellow artists looking for help perfecting their craft. Either way, you can subscribe to the appropriate newsletter here.

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