Best Christmas Gifts

I have to share this little story with you. It’s pretty fun and it may change your perspective of the “Best Christmas Gifts”. I received a call this past Thursday evening from a young man who sounded a little bit panicked. He asked me if I had any large framed prints of Minneapolis and St. Paul in my studio.
Immediately I thought no because I do so much of my photography business online and I generally try to keep very little on hand. He pressed again, “but my mother needs a gift for Christmas”. I thought for a while, then my wife reminded me that I did indeed have some prints. In the house on our walls, I have some prints that I take two different art shows. I described the images and frames that we had, I offered to sell them to him and he was ecstatic.
Saint Paul Minnesota Skyline from the High Bridge
Saint Paul Minnesota Skyline from the High Bridge

Our family Christmas weekend was already beginning, so we had to figure a time for him to pick them up. We agreed Friday evening would work for both of us. He came over and he got his first glimpse at the framed prints and he was just like a kid at Christmas!

Minneapolis Skyline Art Marquette AvenueMinneapolis Skyline Art Marquette Avenue
It is so much fun for an artist to have their work treasured as the perfect gift to give! In turn, I received a perfect gift of appreciation from Sam! Thank you so very much!


I hope this little story warmed your heart as much as experiencing it warmed my heart.  Maybe it is a little reminder of how important it is to go that extra mile in life.

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure!

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Best Christmas Gifts

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