Do you love the Christmas season as much as I do?

This is part one of a multi-part series to report back to you the Best Twin City Christmas lights.  Well I’m on a quest this Christmas season to capture the best of the best Christmas lights displays in the Twin Cities area. So while I am doing that I may as well report back my findings to you.  You are read Part 2 Best Twin Cities Christmas Lights Here!

What do I mean by best of the best? Well in my world I’m not looking for overdone and gaudy displays.  I’m looking for classically beautiful displays of lights. The types of scenes that you would see on a beautiful Christmas card.

I received some recommendations from friends and the great people at the “Minnesota Photography Club” about what areas of the cities to explore for great displays.

Last evening we went to check out the Minneapolis Lake of the Isles area for great Christmas light displays. We were a little surprised to discover that very few homes were actually decorated. There were a few with modern slightly overwhelming displays that did not quite fit the bill. Then we discovered this one.

I set up on the hiking trail around Lake of the Isles to attempt to capture this house. I noticed a gentleman walked by once or twice and was watching what I was doing. Then he came over to engage me asking “what house are you photographing?”
I told him, “in my opinion this is the best decorated house on the entire lake”. He smiled and told me “this is my house”. Then he proceeded to tell me the story of purchasing the house, remodeling and then finally getting it all ready for Christmas.


best twin cities christmas lights Lakes of the Isles Minneapolise

Best Christmas Lights Display Lake Of The Isles In Minneapolis

This is exactly one of the reasons why I love photography so much. Photography forces you to get out and explore your environment and then it causes the community to engage with you in a way that would never happen if you were not out capturing the world around you.
If you know of any homes in the metro area that are decorated in a classically beautiful style, I would love to hear about them.

More of these Christmas lights with exploration adventures will be going on throughout the month of December. If you are interested in participating in any of these feel, free to connect with us at the “Oak Hills Shutter to Think” photography group on Facebook.

Gosh I love the lights of Christmas!


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And until next time get out and capture the adventure!

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