Many people ask me what do I think is the best view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline? Well that question is simple and hard at the same time. The answer is simple because I think any view that includes the Mississippi River and the great night reflections of the Minneapolis skyline is the best view (of course this is a bit subjective). The problem is, there are quite a few amazing perspectives of the city that included the Mississippi River. Let take a look at some of those now.

There is one from the south east at the University of Minnesota that looks under the 35w bridge. In that view you see the 35w Bridge all lit up and you see the city alive with lights and colors underneath the bridge.

The next incredible view is of course the view that captures the stone arch bridge and the downtown Minneapolis skyline.

Downtown Minneapolis Skyline Photos Stone Arch Bridge

This prospective shows the view of the beautiful historic bridge pointing the way into the modern city. It can be quite a stunning view and there are many pictures out there showing amazing and interesting perspective of this.

Hennepin Avenue Bridge is the Best View of the Downtown Minneapolis Skyline

But I have to say I think my most favorite view of the Downtown Minneapolis Skyline is now from the Northeast close to De La Salle High School near the train trestle. In the evening, this view shows the city all lit up and you have a wonderful reflection of the city on the river but you also have the amazing historic Hennepin Avenue Bridge lit up in all of its glory. This view like the stone arch bridge view does such a great job of connecting the history of the city with the new modern glorious city.
Best View of the Downtown Minneapolis Skyline Hennepin Avenue Bridge

The Hennepin Avenue Bridge is the structure that carries Hennepin County State Aid Highway 52, Hennepin Avenue, across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Nicollet Island. Officially, it is the Father Louis Hennepin Bridge, in honor of the 17th-century explorer Louis Hennepin, who was the first European to discover the Saint Anthony Falls a short distance downriver. Two of the three previous structures have been suspension bridges, while a third “which existed nearly a century” was composed of steel arch spans. The original crossing, which opened as a toll bridge on January 23, 1855, is believed to have been the first permanent span across the Mississippi at any point. Other bridges were completed in 1876, 1891, and most recently 1990. Today, the bridge’s main span is 190 metres (620 ft) in length, making it rather small by modern standards.

In this view you see the ultra-modern Federal Reserve Building to the far right, the ever enchanting Wells Fargo building reflecting off the other buildings, the Hennepin Avenue Bridge lit up in all its glory with the wonderful star-burst lights, and then you have the delightful touch of the red river navigation light in the left foreground. This view is a veritable feast for the eyes and for the mind.

This was from a recent outing with the photo group “Shutter to Think”. It was cold and blustery but it paid off to get out.

Until next time, get out and enjoy shooting.

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