Friends, will you celebrate with us?

Friends, it has been way too long in the coming but it is finally here. It is time to celebrate!

What are we celebrating you ask?

We are celebrating two things:

1. We are celebrating the completion of the new 

2. We are celebrating the new gallery page that give you a whole new way to enjoy some great art.
Fine Art America

Minneapolis Skyline Photos Lake Calhoun

How are we celebrating you ask?

We are celebrating by giving you a discount of up to $50 on your next print purchase.

That’s Right Save Up to $50 NOW. 

This offer is only good for the first 15 buyers so hurry and get your discount!

Just enter code VDKLAS at checkout. 

Offer expires June 15th 2014

So come on and celebrate with us!!

Note: If there are any other images you would like available just let us know and we can make it happen.

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website