View of Downtown Minneapolis Skyline from the South on 35 W

I don’t know about you but as for me this view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline is one of the best in the city. Coming up from the south on 35 W gives you the view of all the buildings but there are two other things that you magically get to see. In the evening you see colors from the sunset on the left side of your view and in the morning you get to see the sunrise coming from the right side of your view. The great thing about the morning scene is that you get to see the buildings all lit up from the pink orange light of that sunrise.

This second view is what I was attempting to capture this morning. Here in Minneapolis we had been experiencing days of cloudiness and rain and many people were complaining about the weather (me included). But the night before this shot I had checked the weather report and I could see that the clouds were going to be clearing so I planned to get up early and get out and try to capture sunrise glowing on the city.

This time of the year sunrise isn’t too early yet so I was able to get up at 5 a.m. and drive into Minneapolis. This particular view is from the 26th Avenue walking overpass over 35 W. People joke about all the holes that had been that ripped in the fence over that overpass but in reality I think there are several that have been there for quite a while and I don’t think any new ones are being cut or torn in the fence. It was also fun getting honked at by so many people passing by underneath the bridge.
This particular view shows the roads below crisscrossing and all the lights of the cars both moving towards you and going away from you actually do a remarkable job of leading your eye into the city.

View of Downtown Minneapolis Skyline from the South on 35 W

I really like the scene in the earlier morning when the amount of light in the sky is a little lower so you can see the buildings lit up a little better. You can also see the automobile lights more lit up in that view. But what you don’t see is the light from the sunrise yet. You actually have to wait until the sun comes up to get the gorgeous light glowing on the buildings.
The shot here of the lighting of the buildings isn’t perfect but at least it at least gives us a hint of that light from the Sun Rise.

View of Downtown Minneapolis Skyline from the South on 35 W

If you have not tried this shot yet I recommend that you get out and try it

If you get out in the morning you should be safe enough to be there alone but if I were there in the evening I would certainly go with at least another person because the area could be a little sketchy at times.

Hope you enjoy the views and get out shooting.

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