Faces of the Road

Wayne Eddy

This past weekend I was invited by the state of Minnesota Tourism Board known as Explore Minnesota, to go up north and capture the 2015 Governor’s Fishing Opener. It was an incredible honor to be asked to cover this great event and I was overjoyed to do it.

The event is a giant tourist event and it is also somewhat of a political event with many of the state’s movers and shakers attending the event. It was fun to see the movers and shakers and enjoyable to watch how the mainstream media covers them, frankly it was very enjoyable to be a part of the entire event.

But my role as an observer is somewhat different than someone who covers the news. I think my role is to show you things from behind the scenes, to find a different perspective and to capture people in images that may not be seen normally.
While there were many things to see that were somewhat out of the ordinary, the face in the crowd that jumped out at me the most came from a chance meeting with Wayne Eddy.

Faces of the Road Wayne Eddy

Wayne Eddy Radio Personality from Northfield MN
Mr. Eddy is a radio personality from Northfield Minnesota and I’m guessing he is very talkative by nature. He came up to me first to discuss the giant lens I was using. I found out he had an interest in photography some forty years earlier and we chatted about that for a while. But when we realized both of our names were Wayne then he really got rolling. He was regaling stories of radio and previous governor fishing opener events.

This image came from me using the big lens that he was talking about. I had to back up 8 to 10 feet so I can even capture him at all but doing this sure makes for a very interesting portrait.

When I had posted this image online on another social media site many people commented on how his face made them feel. Several felt like they had known him for years. Others felt they could easily strike up a conversation with him. But still more saw pain in his face. While I don’t know him well enough to know of pain in his life, I know that in general we all have some pain in our live and it is always interesting to me to see how that pain might be carried in our expressions and in our portraits.

So meeting Wayne was enjoyable for me and I hope I encourage you to stop and talk to strangers along the way.

A good friend has been telling me that my lovely travel pictures are interesting, beautiful and enjoyable to look at, but it may be way more interesting to capture some people that are traveling the same road along with me. Well this post is the beginning of that journey. I think my friend is exactly right, beauty is fantastic but there are many other people either working in those places or traveling to those places also and capturing their stories of the road would be incredibly interesting. I am going to make a commitment to capture these people along the road. Please join me along this journey and feel free to give me some feedback of the stories that might be interesting to you.

Thanks for all your encouragement and interest!

And until next time get out and capture the adventure!


Capturing the event ~ Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener 2015
This is a collection of images that I think best captures the events and activities of the 2015 Governors Fishing Opener this past weekend.
2015 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener is the 68th Annual event. This year it was located at Fortune Bay Resort on the amazing Lake Vermilion, “lake of the sunset glow,” and it traditionally is the kickoff for the summer fishing tourism season in Minnesota.
Details on the event www.mngovernorsopener.com
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