If you are from the Minneapolis area you know how hardy we Minnesotans are and you know how much we love our city. The city of lakes, the best bike friendly city in the country, the city that supports the arts, the list goes on and on. But the name you may not be familiar with it the city with the best skyline views.
In this article today I am going to give you my list of the Five Best Places to Take Photos of the Minneapolis Skyline because our skyline is one of the best in the nation.

Minneapolis Skyline from 35W

The first view that I am sure you have seen and you love is the one coming up from the south on 35w.
There are two places to view this scene and the results can be quite different. There is one view from 24th street looking though the fence over the bridge but there is another view two blocks south on Whittier crossing over 35W that gives an even more interesting view.

Minneapolis Skyline Photos 35W

I like this view more because of the way the streets curve in the foreground leading the eye more directly into the city.

Minneapolis Skyline from the Nicollet Mall

A view that you just will not get unless you actually go downtown and explore is the magical view from Nicollet Mall. This view is best on a summer day when the Twins are playing a day game and downtown area is packed like Disneyland.

Minneapolis Skyline Photos  nicollet mall

The energy of the city is just electric and it is a time place and view that just must be experiences.

Minneapolis Skyline from Target Field

Talking about the Minnesota Twins, the view of the Minneapolis Skyline from the Twins Stadium is almost out of this world on a gorgeous summer evening. The buildings light up like Christmas trees as the sun is going down and the view makes you wish that this moment will never end. But alas it does end so it great that you have captured the great picture.

Minneapolis Skyline Photos Target Field Twins Stadium

Minneapolis Skyline from Lake Calhoun

We Minnesotans love our summer and we try to squeeze every ounce of activity that we can out of our short summer months. If you go to any of the downtown Minneapolis lakes in the summertime they are packed with runners, bikers, sunbathers and folks enjoying the lakes in any other way possible. Capturing this view of activity from the west side of Lake Calhoun captures the perfect Minneapolis Skyline so that you can enjoy it all winter long.

Minneapolis Skyline Photos Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis Skyline Stone Arch Bridge

From my perspective and for my taste the best of the best views of the Minneapolis Skyline comes from the Stone Arch Bridge area of St Anthony Main near the University of Minnesota. Summer, autumn, winter, spring this view is a work of art.

Minneapolis Skyline Photos Stone Arch Bridge
I hope you had fun getting out and exploring our city a bit. When you go out and capture these shots please send me a note to show me the picture that you are capturing. Nothing thrills me more than to see all the amazing views of our great city. Keep venturing out with your camera and getting those amazing shots.

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