Featured: How to Incorporate Art into Your Home

Friends, we have some fun exciting news to share.  We have been featured on America’s #1 Real Estate Brokerage Site in an article “How to Incorporate Art into Your Home”,  We came home recently to the news that we were featured on America’s #1 Real Estate Brokerage Site, Redfin.com. Isn’t that just crazy amazing?

How Did They Find Us?

We have no idea how they found us, We have no idea why they chose us, but we are certainly grateful. Let us say it here first, thank you so very much Redfin, this is a great honor to us.

What Did They Write?

They quoted this,

“If your house is your castle, it should be filled with art that you are passionate about – art you have experienced and explored yourself. What better way to do than then to display art of places you have traveled to? Just imagine the unique and beautiful feel of your house being decorated by the images from your once in a lifetime trip to France and Italy. That way, the art on your walls will always remind you of the great joy you experienced in these amazing trips.”

The article included this iconic image from Florence Italy.

Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy How to Incorporate Art into Your Home
Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy

Read the entire article here, How to Incorporate Art into Your Home, Redfin.com.

Wonderful Design Ideas

The ideas in this article are certainly the great ideas for your house or office if you are looking to create more engaging enjoyable space.  These ideas are also very relevant if you’re looking to sell your house. Great compelling art in your house certainly has the ability to increase its value.

Thank you Redfin!

Thank you again to the wonderful people at Redfin.com for this exciting feature!  It is always great to such such broad exposure and to be in company with so many other amazing artists.

If You are Looking For Art

If you are looking for art for your house or office to help you make the space more livable, more beautiful, more comfortable you can find a huge collection at my gallery.

Wayne Moran Photography Fine Art Gallery

Thank you so very very much for stopping by and taking an interest. Until next time, get out and capture the adventure.

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