Friends I have a really scary story that I am thinking you may be able to relate to. I Have A Great Reason to be Thankful! I will give you two Great Reasons to be Thankful as well.

My Computer Hard Drive Was Dead

On Nov 6th I posted this to Facebook.

Needless to say I was a bit panic struck. I had not idea the condition of the drive and I had never tested to see if my cloud backup actually worked.

I Lost All My Data?

Do you know what that means?

That means, I would loose all of our family pictures, yes all of our precious moments gone!

Years of photography work would be lost!

I would have lost this…

Great Reason to be Thankful Minneapolis Skyline Photography The Stone Arch Bridge
I Would Have Lost the Iconic Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge

and this…

I would have lost this Moraine Lake Early Morning Banff Alberta Canada
I Would Have Lost This – Moraine Lake Early Morning Banff Alberta Canada

and this…

I would have lost this - How to photograph Christmas Lights and Energy
I Would Have Lost This – Family Fun at Christmas

And much more. Yikes.

I had to get to work on getting my backup.

Try to Get the Data Off My Old Drive

After a few days of working with my computer fix-it guy, he shared with me that the drive was not spinning and it would be a minimum of $1200 to attempt to get some information off the drive. Therefore, it was time to look for the next alternative.

Get My Backup from BackBlaze

I decided to try my next option, to get my backup from my cloud back up company Then, I decided to attempt to quickly retrieved one or two files at a time from my cloud backup. Finally, I quickly learned that would take forever. The entire backup was too big, hence it could not be download.

The way Backblaze deals with that was to simply send out a drive. For $189 they would send out a 4 Terabyte dive with my entire back up on it. When you are done with the drive they send out you can keep it or you can send it back and get your money back. I went with this option.

In the meantime I had purchased a 4 terabyte SSD drive that would be my new main drive. This baby is quite expensive but it is the best reviewed, most reliable drive, and it is crazy fast, and it has no movable parts to fail.

I was now ready for my backup to arrive from BackBlaze. It took 3 days just as they said.

Restore from

I started the restore that evening and went off to bed. I knew I would not get any sleep?

The next morning everything had been restored. Now comes the moment of truth!

Everything Had Been Restored!

I started looking around my drive and everything that I looked for was exactly where I would expect it to be. See, I Have a Great Reason to be Thankful!

Hew, my backup is restored with no images lost, thank God.

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Get Your Cloud Back Up Today

I hope I scared you! You need a cloud backup! I highly recommend Everything worked exactly like they said it would.

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Thanks tons for your support!

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I Have a Great Reason to be Thankful and so do You!

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