Minneapolis is no Los Angeles, it’s no New York City, it’s no Chicago, but it certainly has a lot going for it in terms of the arts, fine food, great things to do and of course beauty.

Of course as the city of lakes it has many lakes and we locals use them for everything from swimming to canoeing to ice fishing to sailing you name it we do it.

Then of course there are the amazing theaters and the arts. Per capita Minneapolis St Paul has one of the largest fine art communities in the country.

Minneapolis Skyline at Night ~ Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minneapolis / St Paul is highly ranked as a biking community across the country; We have a vast quantity of biking trails that crisscross the entire Metropolis from north to south east to west.

Minneapolis and St Paul have the largest number of fine restaurants per capita of any city in the country. Take a look at the number James Beard Award winner from the twin cities and you will be amazed http://www.jamesbeard.org/awards. Minneapolis/ St Paul is indeed a fine food Mecca.

Minneapolis Skyline at Night

All of these previous things may be true, but in my opinion one of the most amazing attributes of the entire Twin Cities area is the Minneapolis skyline at night. This of course fits into the category of the beauty of the city.

Minneapolis Skyline at Night ~ View Up 35 W

The amazing Minneapolis Skyline at Night is caused by a combination of factors. The first factor is true the interesting combination of architecture ranging from old to ultra modern. The ever popular Guthrie Theater is one example of the ultra modern architecture.

Minneapolis Skyline at Night ~ Guthrie Theater

It is also true because of all of the interesting characteristics created by the Mississippi River and the River town environment that you get from that history.
Also because you have I’m not in South Dakota to the west that being almost in some ways a desert region the Santa and dust from that area blows up into the sky and create some amazing sunsets that help accentuate the beauty of the city.

Yes the Minneapolis skyline at night comes alive and you actually have to be out in it to capture the essence of the great city.

Until next time, get out exploring and photographing!!

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