Minneapolis Skyline Images Stone Arch Bridge

If you are from the Minneapolis / St Paul area of Minnesota of course you know what a beautiful metropolitan area we live in.  It is even possible that you have explored the area and seen some of the great sights.  But as a photographer I know that there can be a best time to view a local scene to see it in its most beautiful glory. Minneapolis Skyline Images Stone Arch Bridge For the Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge that time is right about sunset.  Why you ask?  Well there are several reasons:

  1. Frankly the noise of the day comes down so that you can personally slow down and relax and let yourself appreciate the beauty that is about to come your way.   That means the wind may be slowing down, there may be fewer cars and pedestrians all of which allows you to slow down, concentrate and enjoy.
  2. You have a chance of capturing the incredible light of a great sunset in the west which will be the backdrop of your entire scene.  The most beautiful pictures of this scene will come from the most incredible sunsets.  But you never know when you are going to find a great sunset so you just need to show up a bit more often.
  3. The city lights start coming up in the buildings and signs of the city itself so the entire scene starts to get more stunning.  You are close but you are not quite there yet.
  4. Finally you need the lights of the bridge itself to come up so the wonderful architectural marvel gets to play its role as the bridge across time from the past to the present to the future blending generations of functionality, prosperity and beauty into this extraordinary scene.

So while it is great to look at wonderful pictures like this and it is great to decorate your homes and offices with them, it is even better to get out and enjoy the scene for yourself. If you have to stumble across and scene that you find to be extraordinary in its beauty please drop me a line and I would love to find out the details about it and maybe take a trip out to that location to capture it in all its glory. Keep exploring for beauty! See more incredible Minneapolis Skyline Images Here.

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website