Minnesota Autumn Beauty : Visual Poetry

I find that as I get a little bit older I seem to be loving autumn more and more.

Can a Summer Person Love Autumn?

For the vast majority of my life I have been a summer person I love the long days I love the heat I love the bright lights I love getting outside and doing all the activities that you can do in the summer from water related activities to hiking biking all of it I love summer. But even though I love summer my passion for autumn is growing.

The Great Weather

Part of it is because of the how comfortable the dry weather is for most of us humans. The heat of summer has finally broken and the skies are clear crisp blue. Secondly are the glorious colors that we get to see. I think it’s true that Minnesota isn’t the only location that gets great colors but as I talk with my friends across the country in across the world it seems that Minnesota is probably one of the better locations for mind-boggling displays of great color.

Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry


The Colors of Autumn

The first color that normally catches your eyes in autumn is the radiant red of the sumac. It seems to be the first plant that changes colors and it is awesome so bright that you might even be shocked by its intensity.

Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry

Then you get the yellow of the ash and poplar. Each of those colors alone makes for a wonderful display but when you join those two together you get a seen that might seem like it’s from another world.

There are Still Flowers

Just because it is autumn, don’t forget about the flowers. There are still wonderful displays of God’s handiwork in the flowers. I love when I get to see beautiful purple displayed against the dry fading green hues. That scene makes my heart pound just a little faster.

Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry

The Magic of Sugar Maples

Then of course you get the magic of the sugar maple. We in Minnesota have large areas of sugar maples that are at least somewhat native to the area and it sure is an added benefit to living in the area. When you see a forest filled with sugar maples and then mixed with pine that stay green it just creates a dazzling display of beauty.

Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry

Yes I am thankful for the incredible beauty that we get to experience here in Minnesota. I encourage you to get out and take advantage of every second of this incredible weather because we all know that winter is coming oh too soon.


So yes I love autumn but autumn is bittersweet because you always know winter is coming way too soon. So I attempt to stop myself of thinking that winter is coming and immerse myself in the current reality a beautiful autumn and encourage you to do the exact same thing.

Until next time get out and capture the adventure!


Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry


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