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I am so excited to share the news with you that the first two videos in our Photography Tips and Tricks training series “Photography how to take great pictures” are published and they are now available at the YouTube Photography Tutorial site.

Six Part Photography Training Series

This six-part series covers three main concepts.  The big categories are:

  • Selecting a great subject
  • The fine art of composition
  • Mastering the art of light

Great Subjects

These first two videos are part 1 & 2 of selecting a great subject.

Part one focuses on single subjects like portraits or macro type of photography.

Single Subject Close up Photography


And part two focuses on landscape photography.

Focusing on Landscape Photography



The next two in our series focus on Compositoin. The first video on composition focuses on basic art concepte of composition. We break that down into

  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Organization

Composition Part 1 

The second video on composition focuses on Composition techniques to help you understand how to get a great composition.

Compositional Techniques


Mastering Light

And finally the third part of the series is on Seeing and Capturing Light or Mastering Light.


The first video on this topic discusses:

  • The Quality of Light
  • Direction of Light

Mastering Light Part 1: Quality and Direction

 And the second video in this section we will cover

  • Shadows and Highlights
  • Light Sources

Mastering Light Part II Shadows and Highlights and Light Sources 

We hope that these videos are very helpful to you.  We would really like to get your feedback so we know what we’re doing right what can be changed and what else you want to see in the future.

If you like these videos please share them with your friends on all your social media outlets.  Also please subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave comments so I know what you’re thinking and we can get a feel for how to improve.

We are so excited to continue creating great videos to help you along your path of becoming a great photographer.  We hope you find these exceedingly helpful because we have been getting great feedback so far.


So I hope this article has encouraged you to really start focusing on capturing great subjects.  When you get some of these great shots be sure to share them with us,   we love to see your work.

You have more questions don’t hesitate to ask our job is to help you learn and grow and improve in your photographic adventures.

Other Resources:

Check out this video “How to Use My Camera, Shooting in Aperture Priority Mode“.  That will help you dramatically improve your a architecture photography.

Remember your first 1 million pictures are your worst so get out and shoot so that you can learn by experimenting. There is no way to make mistakes or do it wrong, this is all learning by experimenting so have fun and shot.

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Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!!


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