Photography Tips and Tricks Videos

A while back a video production company had contacted me about doing training videos for photography. I had been wanting to do this for some time and I guessed this was the right time to jump in.

So a few weeks ago we got together for a full day of video taping the first eight videos in the series.

One part of the series will be How to Create Amazing Images and that is then broken down into three parts so I can a subject, composition and basic lighting.

There will also be videos on how to use your camera.  For example:

  • What is Aperture Priority and how do I set it?
  • What is White Balance and how do you set it?
  • What is the Exposure Triangle and how do you set that?

So not only is there great content on how to improve you photography, there is also an extra special bonus video on how to actually sell your art.

Well some of these videos are complete and they have been posted on YouTube. You can find those videos on my channel here.

Most Popular Photography Tips and Tricks Videos

The most popular by far so far has been how to use my camera setting aperture priority.

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