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This is an image from the scariest day of my life.  You see, a video production company contacted me to work with them to create photography training videos. That is a great idea in theory but in reality it is scary as all get out. You see, I am a geek! That is my nature. Well the producer told me to get over it and embrace my inner geek, because these videos are going to be watched by other people who are photography geeks. Take that in the very best way possible. Yes, embrace your inner geek also. 🙂 After that point everything was easier. Youtube Photography Training Videos This is a behind the scenes image from the shoot that day. I just couldn’t believe how nervous I was. Well the videos are going to be coming out soon and you’ll be able to find them on YouTube. To keep from missing any of the videos you may want to subscribe to the channel. You can subscribe to the channel here Photography Tips and Tricks Training Videos When you subscribe you will automatically be entered to win this free signed canvas print. The Best in Minneapolis and St Paul Fine Art Landscape, Cityscape and Architecture Photography Can’t wait to see you there! If you have any questions just post them here or feel free to send me an email. If you are local feel free to join our Facebook “Shutter to Think” photography group so you can get out with us and asked some questions and learn along the way. Remember your first 1 million pictures are your worst so get out and shoot so that you can learn by experimenting. There is no way to make mistakes or do it wrong, this is all learning by experimenting so have fun and shot.

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