Small Business Saturday Deals

Big Box Warehouse Stores

Imagine living in a city where there were only big box retailers. You know the ones, those football stadium sized warehouses where the prices are cheap but they don’t actually have anything you want. The place is so huge that you can’t find anything that you’re looking for anyway. And you can’t find anyone who knows anything about the products they’re attempting to sell.  Yes, you know the feeling

Small Business Saturday Deals Why Shop Small

Your Local Neighborhood Small Business

Now imagine going into a small local shop where the owner actually knows you.  The owner knows you so well that he/she your tastes and  knows exactly what you’re looking for.  But not only that, the shop actually has what you’re looking for. But not only that, the shop is beautiful and it is serving that perfect mug of coffee you need to keep going.

That is the difference with doing business with your small local retailer.

Local Business are Under Attack

Small businesses and especially artists are under incredible pressure from the big guys. But you can help. Take action by supporting your small local businesses especially on Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday Deals

We have decided to to help make it easy for you. We know you are looking for great gifts and we know you’re looking to add beauty to your surroundings and the surroundings of your friends and family.

We have decided to make this fun by offering three separate coupon codes that you can use at checkout of your fine art purchases.

One code is for up to $50 off, one code is for up to $100 off, and one code is for up to $200 off.

Coupon Codes for Checkout


You find out which one is which simply by using them.

Take Action

  1. So select your fine art at the link here.
  2. Choose the coupon code you want to use and get your huge discount.
  3. Make your Purchase!  The more codes you use the better your chances for a deep discount.

These coupon codes are only good on Small Business Saturday November 29th.

Thanks for all your support and Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Small Business Saturday Deals Why Shop SmallSmall Business Saturday Deals


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