So many people both inside and outside of Minnesota seem to think St Paul is some sleepy little town with nothing going on. Well I am here to tell you differently. In reality, Saint Paul is a thriving metropolis of industry, the arts, fine dining and wonderful events.

St Paul Skyline At Night

St Paul Skyline At Night Fine Art Landscape photography of Wayne Moran

I think this image alone will give you an idea of how active this great city is.

With the Great Mississippi River flowing through this city, St Paul has all the history and charm of a great river city. Note all the barges in this image this gives you just a small hint of all the river activity going on both commercial and entertainment level. There happens to be a large bustling marina over on the right side of the river on this image. There are a few brave people who actually live on the river all year long in their boats of various sizes.

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Red Bull Events in St Paul

For some reason Red Bull seems to love the city of St Paul. They have had their incredible Crashed Ice event at the Cathedral here in St Paul. It always seems to be incredibly cold but also incredibly well attended.
St Paul Skyline At Night Things to do in St Paul Red Bull Flugtag

Red Bull Flugtag St Paul World Record Flight

Then they also have the Flugtag event where they fly home made airplanes off a structure that looks like an air craft carrier. In one event a world record was captured right here in our wonderful city of st Paul.

St Paul Theater

In one of the riverboats below there is a dinner theater that goes on throughout the year where you can see a variety of Theater finding whatever meets your taste. Of course just off the river there is also the world class Ordway theater that houses opera events, traveling Broadway shows, world premiere theater events and frankly some of the best of the best theater in the country.

Great St Paul Architecture

St Paul is the home of Minnesota State Government so one of the most amazing capitol buildings in the country is housed right here in St Paul.
St Paul Skyline At Night St Paul Architecture State Capitol Building

Amazing Architecture Minnesota State Capitol Building

Of course right here in St Paul there is also the Cathedral of St Paul which is again a piece of world-class architecture.

St Paul Skyline at Night St Paul Architecture Cathedral of Saint Paul National Shrine of the Apostle Paul

Amazing St Paul Architecture The Cathedral of St Paul

It is certainly one of the two most astounding pieces of Architecture in the state next to the capital and it certainly ranks very highly in the entire nation as well.

St Paul Events

Due to St Paul’s large Irish population, St Paul becomes ground zero for all kinds of incredible Irish festivals. You have St Patrick’s Day parade, one of the best in the country. You have an Irish Music Festival and of course in Irish Dance Festival.

St Paul Skyline at Night St Patrick's Day Parade

St Paul’s Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Paul Saint’s Baseball

And now the new Fri being billed is the new baseball stadium for the St Paul Saints. If you’ve never seen the St Paul Saints play ball you’re missing out bunches of great entertainment. They take their job of entertaining there yet extremely serious and now with the new stadium that’ll take that help to the next level.


Hopefully you’re able to see St Paul is no sleepy little town. Now it is time to get out and experience just a small percentage of what’s going on in this great city.

Get out and explore, and until next time, happy shooting!

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