Recently I was interviewed by the international Artists Website, Exhibitions Without Walls. The interview is now posted.

Wayne Moran Exhibition Without Walls Interview


Wayne Moran, Photographer, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota   USA

EWW:  Wayne, what photographer, past or present, has been an inspiration to you and your work and why?

Trey Ratcliff, known publicly as “Stuck in Customs”, was one of my huge early photographic influences.  I saw his work early in the days of and his style of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography captured my imagination and helped me to see what was possible with modern photography.  Also, I believe he’s a software engineer like me so our minds seem to work somewhat similarly and our selection of subjects can be similar. For example, in the early days, he was traveling the world for Google and he would go to all the amazing historic churches and museums around the world and capture them in their entire architectural splendor.  I have been building to be a Travel Landscape and Architecture photographer ever since.

Check out the full interview here:

Wayne Moran, Photographer, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota


I hope you found the interview interesting.  You might have a better idea of what motivates me in my work.

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure!

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