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The other day I received an email the other day, sharing this exciting news. named me one of the Top 7 Minneapolis Landscape Photographers. This completely blows me away. There are so many amazing photographers in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. I am humbled and honored to have been selected for such a prestigious award.

Here is a Selection of some of My Most Popular Minneapolis Images

As a lifelong traveler, photographer, and influencer, Wayne Moran uses his work to take us on journeys across the country and around the world at large, such as Italy, France, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and further afield, exploring both natural and man-made landscapes. Creating both color and monochrome photography with equal faculty, he uses tonalities that emphasize detail and form in his work, rather than rely on overwhelmingly contrasting colors. Quite often Wayne incorporates human elements within the frame to give his work a sense of scale and tell an unforgettable story.

Thank you for this wonderful write up.

I am honored to be included in a list of incredibly gifted artists.

Joe Mamer

Chad Rieder

David Barthel

Eric Mueller

Max Foster

Greg Lundgren

Check out the entire article here:
Wayne Moran Named Top 7 Minneapolis Landscape Photographers
Most Popular Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge Image

How Do I Follow Up an Honor Like This?

Well, to move forward I guess I just continue to work hard and chase my dream as hard as I can.

My current dream is to travel the world as a travel photographer. That way I will be able to see many of the most amazing places in the world.

Wayne Moran Named Top 7 Minneapolis Landscape Photographers
Keep Producing Amazing New Images

Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank Liz Owen and her staff at for doing the work to come up with this list. I am immensely grateful.

Wayne Moran Named Top 7 Minneapolis Landscape Photographers
Weisman Museum 10 Best Places to Photograph Minneapolis

Browse Through the Gallery

In case you are new to my work please take a moment to browse through my gallery. Take a moment to experience with Liz and her team experienced. I welcome your feedback.

I am happy to help you pick out an image that want to add to your collection.

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