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I have been working on a survey for my company Wayne Moran Photography. This is in an attempt to figure out how I can serve people better.

I asked the question. “What improvements, if any, would you make to our products and/or services”?

Someone answered, “I guess I am not exactly sure what your products and services are.”

That got me thinking, I need to do a better job at communicating clearly what exactly it is that I do.

Ok, here goes.

Fine Art Landscape Travel Photographer

Wayne Moran Photography Online Gallery
Wayne Moran Photography Online Gallery

First, I am a Fine Art Landscape Travel Photographer.
That means, I travel the world to get to the most amazingly beautiful and important places. I then attempt to capture these places in beautiful compelling ways. And finally, I make these images available as Fine Art Prints and all kinds of miscellaneous products.
These images are also available to license for all your commercial and personal needs.

You can find the best of the best of my images here: https://wayne-moran.pixels.com/collections/portfolio

Photography Instructor

The images are only a part of my business. The role of Photography Instructor is becoming a more important, very enjoyable part of my business.

Photography is more than just capturing moments; it’s an art form that allows individuals to express themselves, tell stories, and explore the beauty of the world through the lens. In the realm of photography education, I am a dedicated and passionate teacher who has not only mastered the craft but also found immense joy in sharing my knowledge with aspiring photographers. As a private, in-person photography teacher, I have cultivated a unique approach that caters to individual learning styles, fostering an environment where students can thrive at their own pace.

The Personalized Learning Experience

One of the key aspects that sets me apart is my commitment to providing a personalized learning experience. In the world of photography, where each student comes with different skill levels, interests, and goals, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t suffice. I take the time to understand each student’s background, assess their current skill level, and identify their aspirations in the realm of photography.

This personalized approach allows students to learn at their own pace, a crucial factor in the journey of mastering photography. Some students may be beginners, while others might be more advanced but seeking to refine specific techniques or genres. By tailoring my lessons to the individual needs of each student, I ensure that the learning experience is not only effective but also enjoyable.

Moving Forward with Purpose

My teaching philosophy revolves around moving students forward toward their goals in the most efficient way possible. This approach is a testament to my vast experience and deep understanding of the learning process. By pinpointing the areas where a student needs improvement and focusing on those aspects, I optimize the learning journey, helping students reach their goals in a shorter amount of time.

The significance of this targeted approach cannot be overstated. In a world where time is a precious commodity, being able to make significant strides in one’s photography skills efficiently is a valuable proposition. My teaching methodology not only respects the individual pace of learning but also accelerates the progress of his students, instilling a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

Beyond the technical aspects of photography, I emphasize the importance of creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Photography is an art form that requires experimentation, creativity, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. I foster a safe space for my students to explore and take risks without the fear of judgment.

This nurturing environment is crucial for the development of artistic expression. I understand that the journey of a photographer involves not only technical proficiency but also the cultivation of a unique voice. By encouraging students to push their creative boundaries and providing constructive feedback, I instill confidence and help them discover their own style.

Passion for Photography

What truly sets me apart as a photography teacher is my unbridled passion for the craft. This passion is contagious and serves as a driving force behind my teaching. Therefore, students are not only learning technical skills but also absorbing the enthusiasm and love that I have for photography.

Being a photography teacher is not just a profession for me; it’s a calling. His dedication to the art form and genuine desire to see his students succeed create a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. My passion for photography goes beyond the classroom, influencing my students to develop a profound appreciation for the art and a lifelong love for capturing moments.

To find more details about my Private, In Person, One-On-One Photography Lesson Click Here!


I hope it is clear now what my products are services are. My main product are my fine art images in many different formats. My service is, in person, one-on-one photography lessons. They are focused on moving students quickly and efficiently from beginner to master craftsperson. If you have any question on these topics, please Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

These images and much more are available for purchase.

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Find the complete online gallery here: Wayne Moran Fine Art Photography

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