You Will Never Be a Photographer!

Have you ever been told something like that? You will never be able to achieve your dreams or your goals.  In my case, “You will never be a photographer”.

In my case, it was me who was telling myself this.

How It All Started

When I was in third grade, my mother had already enrolled me in art classes because I had a creative streak.

I had one of those old-fashioned 110-cartridge cameras for family events in middle school. I captured water skiing and other joyful activities and beautiful locations.

In college, I remember thinking of myself as a photographer in the future, but at the same time, I would tell myself, “You can’t be a photographer.”

Again, I had a real 35mm camera capturing group activities and events at college. People were telling me how good I was, but I was telling myself. You can’t be a photographer.

Then The Internet Happened

When the internet first appeared in the early 2000s, I was very interested in the amazing work that people were producing online.

I learned many of the same techniques and became very influential by producing great work.

I kept telling myself all this time. “You can’t be a real photographer”.

People Notice

I started selling hundreds of fine art prints and other items with my images on them, and I would tell myself, “You cannot be a real photographer”.

I was the official photographer for the governor of Minnesota on his annual “kick off the summer”, governor’s fishing opener,

and I would tell myself, “You can’t be a real photographer”.

I would be invited to be an official photographer at a giant national event like the Red Bull Crashed Ice event, and I would tell myself, “You cannot be a real photographer”.

I became one of the top five best landscape photographers in the state where I live, and again.
I kept saying, “You can’t be a real photographer”.

Then, people started paying me thousands of dollars to teach them how to be photographers, and I would tell myself, “You cannot be a real photographer”.

Are We Insane?

Friends, are you starting to get the thought that I might be a little bit insane?

Or maybe you may deal with this same kind of doubt.

Impostor syndrome is real!

But the question is, is it True?

When Does One Become the Real Thing?

When do you become a real anything?

Do you have to be certified in it?

Do you have to get enough accolades about it?

When It Become Real for Me

Of course, we all have doubts, but the reality for me is that after I sold my first print (which, of course, was The Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge: click for Full Story), I was officially a professional photographer.

I started feeling like one, acting like one, and taking the whole world of photography more seriously.

Are You Ready to Become the Real Thing?

If you are ready to get a little coaching to help you through this process, Contact Me for private in-person photography lessons. This is the absolute best way to move students along quickly.

It is time to loose your impostor syndrome!

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure.

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website