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Author John VanOverbeke

John grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. As a kid he loved to draw and paint and especially read.

He attended Bethel University and, following my passion for story and narrative, he graduated with a degree in English Literature. he married his now wife a few months after graduating and just moved into a new house with a new puppy to boot!

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John VanOverbeke's Full Biography


The artistry required to string words together, words that everybody knows and uses, to order them in such a way as to evoke place and emotion is something that has always fascinated him.

A writer who enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction and as a lover of nature, he finds inspiration in fluttering leaves and glittering sunlight, grand mountains and gnarled ravines.

But, that isn't to say he doesn't also enjoy exploring the rhythm and energy found in the cracks, gritty steel, and grime of the urban landscape too. In fact, if that's where the story is, then he'll happily follow.

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Because he lets the moment dictate the words, rather than having a preconceived plan, he finds himself inspired by a single word or a turn of phrase, knowing they're the only words that could possibly describe the moment. He feels confident his audience will experience those same emotions through his writing.

Honing his craft in magazine writing, online publishing, as well as commercial copywriting; short stories and novels are continually under construction because writing for John is about connection. Connecting with a place, a character, a moment in time. And hopefully with you as well.