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Wayne Moran Photography

Minneapolis Based Travel and Landscape Photography ~ The Genesis

“Let There be Light” comes from the book of Genesis , the story of creation. That verse is meaningful to many photographers because much of our work is capturing the beauty of our environment around us. The skill that makes one a great photographer is to be able to capture what is around us in incredible light. The process of capturing the amazing creation around us and producing incredible art makes us dare I say co-creators or maybe a better way to put it is we are using the God given attribute of creativity to produce our art. As said so wonderfully by David Levi Strauss

“Photography is light-writing, the language of images. Less abstract than written or spoken language, it selects images from the existing world of appearances and arranges them in patterns. The camera-eye doesn’t think, it recognizes. It shows us what we already know, but don’t know that we know.”

This website is all about giving you access to the novel of my work through a collection of my “light writings” that have both moved me and moved my audiences to new levels of communication and understanding. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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What We Do

My style of capturing photographs has not happened on purpose. It has been a process of discovering what my natural passions and inclinations are when it comes to capturing beauty. I have discovered that my photography subjects and style tend to be broken into five separate categories.

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Wayne Moran Photography ~ Let There Be Light Fine Art

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