Minneapolis Skyline Photography

Minneapolis Skyline Photography

If you are not from Minneapolis you may think that it is a small uninteresting city.  But if you are from the area and you have explored the city at all you will know that it is filled with all kinds of wonderful things to see and do. In fact Minneapolis rivals cities much larger than itself in terms of interesting views, great things to do and wonderful architecture to explore.

It is possible that are from this great city and you have moved away and you miss the character and charm of this wonderful city.  If that is the case I think you will also find this page to encouraging to you and maybe it will help you relieve some of those homesick feelings as you miss your cherished city.

My mission today is to showcase to you some of the best of the best iconic views of Minneapolis to help you get as excited about this great city as I am or to help you stay connected to your cherished city of your past.

Mississippi River

If you know your American history you will know how important rivers are the life of a growing city.  The rivers were the highways before there were highways.   The Mississippi River is no different, well actually it may be different in that it is more important that most rivers because of its size and location.  Minneapolis became a wealthy city because of the commerce that flowed through it on the mighty Mississippi.   Ad of course as a city grows up around a river you will eventually need to have bridges over the river.   In Minneapolis, the Stone Arch Bridge and the Hennepin Avenue Bridge are two such bridges with great history and interesting design.

Minneapolis Skyline Photography The Stone Arch Bridge

Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge at Dusk

Minneapolis Skyline Photography  hennepin avenue bridge

Hennepin Avenue Bridge on a Winter Evening


Minneapolis Skyline Photography  hennepin avenue bridge

 Hennepin Avenue Bridge All Lit Up


Downtown Minneapolis

In downtown Minneapolis you will find vital life and great views all over the place.  When the Minnesota Twins moved into their new home at Target field, the whole city was reinvigorated.  If you are downtown on a Twins game day the place feels like Disneyland on steroids.

Minneapolis Skyline Photography  Target Field Twins Stadium

 Target Field Home of the Minnesota Twins

Nicollet Mall

The Nicollet Mall is a hub of business, shopping and nightlife and you can find great views both summer and winter.


Minneapolis Skyline Photography nicollet mall

 Nicollet Mall on a Spring Morning

Minneapolis Skyline Photography nicollet mall

 Nicollet Mall Dress for Christmas


Historic Foshay Tower

The Foshay Tower is a great old building with wonderful history.  It is magical to mix new modern architecture with a view of our past.

Minneapolis Skyline Photography Foshay Tower ATT Tower

 Foshay Tower Reflecting in ATT Building


 The Minneapolis Public Library

The Minneapolis Public Library is an architectural marvel.  You can see a reflection of the Minneapolis Skyline in the modern glass structure filled with both the old and the new of architectural designs.


Minneapolis Skyline Photography Minneapolis Public Library


In the building itself you see a spaceship view into the future.   All decorated for the holiday season it becomes a magical sight.

Minneapolis Skyline Photography Minneapolis Public Library Christmas time



Minneapolis Art Museums as Art

Minneapolis has been influenced by some of the most prolific creative architects of our time.


Minneapolis Skyline Photography weisman art museum university of Minnesota

 Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota

Minneapolis Skyline Photography walker art museum

 Walker Art Center


Minneapolis the City of Lakes

You probably know that Minneapolis is called the “City of Lakes”.   Minneapolis has twenty or more lakes within its city limits.  Of course you would expect the lakes to influence the Minneapolis Skyline.

Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis Skyline Photography Lake Calhoun

 Minneapolis Skyline in View While Sailing on Lake Calhoun


Minneapolis Skyline Photography Lake Calhoun summer evening

Minneapolis Skyline from Lake Calhoun on a Summer Evening 


Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet is a wonderful place for bike rides, summer walks and evening concerts at the delightful Lake Harriet Bandshell.


Minneapolis Skyline Photography Lake Harriet Bandshell

Lake Harriet Bandshell on a Summer Evening 



As you can see Minneapolis Skyline Photography is made easy by all the great things do see and do in the wonderful city.  If you have not been to the great city I would encourage you to put it on your calendar for just a visit or a photography adventure.   You will not be disappointed.


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