best places to photograph in St. Paul

Feb. 19th, 2011

What are the best places in St. Paul to photograph?

I get asked the question all the time, what are the best places to photograph in St. Paul. Well of course that depends upon what you are really looking for but the way I understand that question is this way, What are the most popular, iconic, interesting places to photograph in St. Paul that will give me the photographer a good chance at getting a good picture? So that is the question I will answer here in this article. It is interesting to me that so many people think there is no beauty in St. Paul. Well I believe this article will dispense with such crazy thoughts and I will show you all kinds of incredible beauty.


I just posted a new article about the best places to photograph in St. Paul. I get this question all the time so I figured it was about time that I get it answered and get it posted for all of you guys.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you have some other great recommendations of places to shoot let me know or if you have any recommendations, just send me a note.

Thanks and have a great day!!

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website