In this blogging world, there seems to be a community for everyone and a place to go for your personal interest.  We were thinking the exact same thing but we could not find a spot for our interest.

Who are we?  Well Natalie Jost is the proprietor of Digery Studios ( and I am Wayne, the Questions and Answers blogger ( 

What were we looking for?  We were looking for a portal or community for Christian Creative People.  You know, artists, musicians, writers, actors, photographers and even technical people.

Well needless to say, we could not find it so we decided we needed to create it.  The result is (

This site is designed particularly for the needs of the creative blogger that want to link in community and share ideas.  The three most important items of the new site are the information sharing capabilities, the aggregator and the blogroll.  When you sign up and become an activated user, you can join in the conversation of the community and post content.  The aggregator is a place where all stories and content from the blogs of those in the community get collated and then redistributed.  This is fantastic way to build an internet presence and a must for both new and expert bloggers.   The blogroll is an incredible way to allow you to build links to your site.  This is one of the best ways to build links to your site and traffic.

There are even blogging facilities available on the site if people want to start there own new blog.

Go check out the site and sign up!  Help us build the best community for Godly Creative People.

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website

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