Cossettas - Classic St Paul

I had seen a painting that had Cossettas and the St Paul Cathedral in it…
It was a winter scence that was just beautirful.. It inspired me to get out and try to capture the shot…

When I got there I noticed that reality looked nothing like the painting… The angles were all wrong and there were big modern buildings there. So, I had to be creative and this is the best that I captured.

I hope you like it.. ;-D

Cossettas is a fantastic Italian deli type place if that is possible.. ;-D The lines at lunch are a mile long… And then they have that great Italian market right in the shop…

Stop in if you have not been there!!! ;-DD

Oh.. btw.. it was -5F this morning when I went out to get this… I guess I really wanted to get the shot.. ;-D

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