So today I received a call from AARP (Yes the huge senior’s organization).   At first I was thinking I was getting old and they were calling to offer me a membership.  But alas, it was something else.  They were calling to request that I would be their photographer at the Minnesota State Fair.  I would get all kinds of press coverage and get links to my web site and all that stuff bla bla bla… 

I had to say No because I disagree with the organization on so many counts.  I told them I support The Association of Mature American Citizens (  ).  The young man was a bit surprised.  I know this would be a great opportunity and it would be fun, but I had to say NO.   I guess this is an example of doing what you think is right comes at a pretty steep cost.  Oh Well.

I am thinking 90% of my readers will not understand this either, but that also is ok.


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