These are the first images from the Eagan Art Festival 2011.

Eagan Art Festival 2011 Hand Sculptured Dolls - Wayne Moran Photography
Eagan Art Festival 2011 Hand Sculptured Dolls - Wayne Moran Photography

These are hand sculptured, hand painted dolls From Joan Rydberg. These were just
amazing to me. It was like they were alive. They were so full of life and
energy. Great sculpture work Joan, These dolls stole my heart.

You can see some of the images here..

It turned out to be a rainy day when the weather forecasters said it was going to
be nice. But the action and fun was hot. Everyone was in great spirits, and the
competition for the art contest was red hot.

The entertainers were great. Starting off with the Teddy Bear Band, the kids were
hopping and dancing and having tons of fun. Then came Paula Lammers and her
cool jazz styling’s. She really was terrific with her great band made me feel
like I was in New York or someplace really happening. Then we heard from Greg
Herriges and his world influenced sounds. He was like a mix of Middle Eastern
music and classical western guitar. It has been a very long time since I have
heard a guitar player as accomplished as great. Truly great job Arts Festival
staff on pulling that great talent together.

The food was a wonderful mix that would make any pallet, even to most finicky eater

You have one more day to come out so don’t miss all the activities tomorrow Sunday
6/26/2011. See you then.

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website

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