Ok you bought your new digital camera and you are out taking pictures but you noticed that they do not look like the professional’s pictures in the magazines.  So you ask yourself, self, how they do that?

You think and you think and you think but you just can’t come up with an answer.  So you decide to go ask the expert.  Wayne, how can I start to make my pictures look like the professionals?  And I say what a great question!  Funny you should ask, I have just been thinking about this very topic.

There are three really simple guidelines that you must use to start to produce really fabulous photos.

1. A great photograph has a clear subject. What does this mean? It means that when someone looks at your picture you what them to know immediately what the main point of the picture is? It’s really that simple. You should be able to think of the subject clearly and your viewer should be able to see it instantaneously. To add some power and pizza to the picture see if you can add an emotional theme to the picture.

Take a look at this shot.  The subject is the wreath and the theme may be some kind of memorial giving the picture emotional impact.

2. A great photograph will focus the viewer’s attention on the subject. What this normally means is that you will get as close as possible to the subject or remove clutter.

3. Finally a great photograph simplifies. This is really the second part of the last point. You try as much as you can to remove clutter from your picture.   This is a great example of simplifying here .

If you practice these three simple guidelines you photography will improve greatly in a very shot time.

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