Last week the phone rang and I heard a young woman’s voice on the other end. She says hi my name is Diana and you know my father. It turns out I worked with him years ago in a prior life and I remember clearly the warmth and happiness that he brought to my days. He was a constant source for smiles and I remember those days fondly.

Diana is a natural
Diana is Natural

So anyway, I ask Diana what type of pictures does she what or how does she intend to use them? She says that they have a friend who owns a leather business that needs people to model their products and they keep bugging her to submit some images to modeling agencies etc. I don’t know about you but I have met so many people that dream about being a model or something but it is not a realistic dream for many of them. So I must admit I had that idea in the back of my mind that Diana might be an idealistic dreamer with no hope of fulfilling that dream. Well, I was wrong again.

Fashion Model Diana Giebler
Natural Diana

We decided to meet in the lower town Saint Paul, the artsy section by the farmer’s market. This would be a jumping off location. I had not been in the area for a few weeks so I really had no idea what we would find. On the way there I was thinking of starting things off at the black dog coffee and wine bar They are artists friendly and the abidance is always great.

Fashion model Dreaming
Diana Dreaming

Diana showed up and the moment we met I knew this was going to be a wonderful adventure. She arrives with several changes of clothes. She has a can do attitude and she is not put off the cold late fall weather that is threatening snow. So off we go to Black Dogs but when we get there I was a little bummed out that it was so full. Yes, Farmers market was still in full swing and all the cold shoppers went over to Black Dogs for coffee and refreshment.

Beautiful Fashion Model in St Paul
Diana in Blue

So we had to think fast. The building that Black Dogs is in is called the Northern Warehouse. It is an old brick warehouse filled with artist’s studios, and entire vibe is very cool. So we started looking around and found great places to start shooting. All along Diana was an incredible trooper. But without the help of my trusty assistant Mark we would not have been able to work the place well because of some very low light conditions. Thanks for all the great help Mark.

Fashion Photography

I am going to let you see the rest of the results for yourself. I think you will come to the exact same conclusion that I came to. Diana is a complete natural in front of the camera. It turns out she is also a photographer and a makeup artist so she already knows so much about how to produce and capture emotion and beauty in an image. The morale of the story is yes, follow your dream.

Diana Winter White
Fashion Model
In the Distance

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