Great Commission Artists is a locally run faith-based non-profit organization that is all about supporting and encouraging the Arts in the Twin Cities metro area. Their mission is to “be a service to the wonderful people of the Twin Cities”.

Recently they sponsored the hugely successful “Heroes & Heritage” exhibit in Cargill Hall at the Minneapolis Central Library. There were eight artists representing 11 organizations  under the Heroes category and another 20 or so artists representing and the Heritage category.  Check the brochure at the link here to get all the details of the exhibit.

The exhibition really is very broad, encompassing many organizations and styles of art and it is sure to have something for you.

Mexico Lindo

One of the exhibits that I loved best was Mexico Lindo.  It was a Mexican dance troupe and they did several examples of dance for us.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage

Mexico Lindo ~ Youth Dance Troupe

They brought in four young dancers and they performed a wonderful exhibition of three or four different styles of dance.

Peter Lane

I loved Peter Lane from the lake Johanna fire department.  He presented a collection of images but one of which was his uncle who was a helicopter pilot and I believe it Vietnam.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage Exhibit

Peter Lane Lake Johanna Fire Dept

He was telling some of the harrowing stories that a helicopter pilot goes through risking his life to save others.

Seth Hinrichs

Seth has a background as a pastor. In his work as a pastor he had worked with several people as they came through the recovery process from addictions.  He is also a photographer and he is creating a project called “Faces of Recovery”.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage Exhibit  Seth Hinrichs Faces of Recovery

Seth Hinrichs ~ Faces of Recovery

His work is quite powerful and the stories he was telling are even more powerful. Be sure to check out his website for more details on the “Faces of Recovery” project.

Cheryl Barr

Cheryl Barr is a fine art water color painter.  She painted images depicting several organizations serving our local community.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage

Cheryl Barr Fine Art Water Color Painter

The organizations include:

Elsa Hammond

Elsa Hammond painted a wonderful selection of images depicting the racial influences of the children of our community.  These are gorgeous oil paintings covering just a small collection of the people groups in our midst.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage

Children by Elsa Hammond

Thank You

I was honored to have 5 images in the show.  They were mostly Minneapolis cityscape type images which are a classic component of my artwork.  One that was even  more relevant to this particular event was a Minneapolis stone arch bridge image that was captured on a photography outing as part of the photography class that I talked for Great Commission artists a month or so before this event.

Great Commission Artists Heroes and Heritage Exhibit   - Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge Wayne Moran

Wayne Moran Stone Arch Bridge Image from Great Commission Artists Photography Class

It was so exciting to teach the class and it was even more fun to see the work of the students exhibited in this exhibition and some of my work there also.

Great Commission Artists Exhibition Video

You can see and  hear a brief overview of the exhibition and hopefully it’ll whet your appetite a little bit to get out and see the exhibition for yourself.

This exhibit is in the Cargill Hall of the Minneapolis Central Library until August 22nd of this year.  You still have plenty of time to get out there but don’t wait too long summer creeps by way too quickly.


So I hope you to see you out at the exhibit or I hope to see pictures from your trip out there and let us know what you think of the entire exhibition.   Make sure you thank Marianne McDonough from Great Commission Artists for all the hard work she has done to make this happen.

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Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!!

These images and many more are available for purchase.

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