Interior Design How to Make Money

I think most of us know that since 2008 and the major business downturn much of the corporate world has been shrinking and that would certainly mean the same thing for both commercial interior designers & decorators and residential decorators as well. Everyone has to try to make more money with less and sales seem to be smaller.

Well we have found a way to help corporate and residential designers & decorators increase their revenue free of charge and the process is very simple.

The idea is very simple. Figure out how to get some revenue on each piece of art that you use in your design projects.

In this article we will discuss two very simple ways for you to make that happen without any cost and with very little work on your part.

Affiliate Program

The first way is simply to become an affiliate for Fine Art America through . Fine Art America is the premier art sales websites for tens of thousands of artists and photographers worldwide. When you become an affiliate and recommend the work of the artists on Fine Art America you get a 15% commission on all printing and framing services through Fine Art America it really is that simple.

Interior Design How to Make Money
You can see the details here on

The second method takes just a little bit more work but it can be much more lucrative also. The second method is intended for bigger producers and commercial buyers who might be buying tens or hundreds of prints at a time for a very large projects such as a new corporate building.

The average consumer buys one or two prints at a time uses them to decorate a room in his or her house and isn’t expecting any sort of volume discount because the order size is relatively small.

Interior designers and corporate art buyers, on the other hand, operate much differently. They work on large-scale design projects e.g. hotels, hospitals, corporate office etc and routinely place orders for hundreds of prints at a time. Due to the size of their orders they expect to purchase at “trade” price-discounted prices which give them room to make a profit when selling the prints to their clients.

Interior Design How to Make Money

In order to make a purchase on, you have to formally apply for membership and go through an approval process. No one can make a purchase on without applying for membership and being approved. You can’t even add items to the shopping cart unless you’re a member.

Granted, this is a little bit of work but the work will reap great rewards. By becoming an approved buyer you can buy at trade discounts of 50% or more depending on your volume.

Now by signing up you can represent tens of thousands of artists worldwide to your clients and all the while knowing you’re getting the best prices possible. This is a win-win for both designers and artists.

Get started today and see how representing Fine Art can help rev up the revenues and your design business today.

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Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website