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You have been asking us how you can keep up with all the latest news and events of Wayne Moran Fine Art Photography.  We quickly realized that we have two separate audiences that would want very different information.  Therefore we have created two separate subscriptions to better serve you.

Minneapolis Skyline at Night ~ Minneapolis Institute of Art

Wayne Moran Fine Art Photography News

The first group of people are looking to actually keep up on the latest pieces of work that they could use in their home or office for decoration or could be used for commercial advertisement work etc.  This group might also be interested in latest gallery showings and new events.   If that describes you then you will want to subscribe to this first news letter.  When you subscribe you will be given a code good for $20 off your next print purchase.

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Photography Lesson: What is white balance and why does it matter?

Photography Tips and Tricks

 The second group of people that would be interested in a different news letter would be actual photographers or people who really want to become a photographer.  It does not matter what lever of photographer you are we will teach you new information to take your photography to a whole new level. 

Topics include:

  • Photography basics
  • Local outings so that you can spend time with the professionals and hone your skills
  • How to take images like a pro
  • What is white balance and why do you care
  • How to process your images like a pro
  • First news on photography travel excursions that you can participate and learn
  • New video classes to improve your skills

All this and much much more. 

If you are looking to improve your skills whether you are just a beginning or ready to go pro, this is the news letter you will want to subscribe to.   Subscribe now for a chance to win fabulous prizes. 

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