Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul Minnesota 2015

Of course all of you know of Red Bull, the energy drink company. Many of you know of the extreme sports events that they sponsor. Some of you know of the fantastic event known as “Crashed Ice”.

What is Red Bull Crashed Ice

Crashed Ice (Red Bull Crashed Ice) is a world tour in the winter extreme sporting event, ice cross downhill (or downhill ice cross), which involves downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. It is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track.


That is exactly what the Saint Paul Crashed Ice event is.

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Press Pass for Red Bull Crashed Ice

Due to a recent extremely enjoyable experience with the wonderful folks at Explore Minnesota, (See Explore Minnesota Post Here), I was able to get an Official Crashed Iced event Press Pass.  I know, mind blown!   This pass enabled me to get access to locations on the track that normal visitors to the event did not have. This means better vantage points for great photos. It also meant access to the media tent where we received information throughout the day as to performance of racers, timing of events, etc. We basically got the scoop directly from the Red Bull event managers.

My world is starting to get much bigger as a photographer. I was standing side by side with world-renowned photographers talking shop, eating some amazing catered food, of course drinking Red Bull and hopefully capturing some amazing images.

Individual Racer Images Available

During the day there were many preliminary races going on and I took the time to check out the course to see where the best locations for capturing great images were going to be. What I ended up doing was capturing some great close-up images of individual racers as they battled to make it into the final events. I will be posting many of these images here on Flickr and racers please feel free to contact me to acquire images. I know for many this will be your first experience and such a high profile event and it would be great to have an image of you racing as a memento.

Team Racing

For the evening the first races were actually team competitions where the racers were obviously trying hard but they were also working as a team, so they weren’t trying to block one another or knock each other down or anything like that.

Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul Minnesota 2015The area of the track that turned out to be a great place to capture the team racing competition is the mogul area. As a photographer you’re always hoping for something a little bit different and in this racing world, something a little bit different would generally be a fall or a crash or something like that. Photographers are out for blood. The moguls offered all kinds of opportunities for the racers to either get air or crash or do something else that was interesting and out of the ordinary.

Photography of Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul Minnesota 2015

I’m just going to show you several images from that part of the race here in an effort to get you slightly addicted to the event and to encourage you to get out today and watch the event. It’s just going to be a great event in downtown St Paul. The weather is perfect the crowds will be managed well although I’m sure they will be large. With just a little bit of planning you’ll have a great time. Be sure to check out the Red Bull Crashed Ice event website for parking details or shuttered shuttle details.

Photography of Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul Minnesota 2015

If your photographer be sure to bring your equipment bring some extra batteries and some extra cards because there will be many great opportunities for great pictures.


So I hope this article encouraged you to get out to the Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul 2015 event.  I assure you, you will be glad you did.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. Our job is to help you learn and grow and improve your skills so you can have much more successful photographic adventures.

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Remember your first 1 million pictures are your worst so get out and shoot so that you can learn by experimenting. There is no way to make mistakes or do it wrong, this is all learning by experimenting so have fun and shot.

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Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!!


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