Do you ever think, what is the best way to clean your camera sensor?

best way to clean your camera sensor


Examples of a dirty camera sensor in need of cleaning


Do you have big spots on your pictures that you always need to remove in post processing? That is a sign of dirt on your sensor. My main camera is over 4 years old and no matter how much I try to keep it clean I always seem to have dirt spots. I had taken it to the local big box camera store to get it cleaned. They sent it out for two weeks and when it came back it was still dirty. FAIL!@!

So I asked my buddy the expert Dave Parker who is the best camera cleaner in the area?
He told me it was Gus at Northwest Camera & Video Repair in Lindstrom, MN.
He allows you to set up an appointment to get your camera cleaned. You drop it off and go get some coffee at the local coffee roasterie (I was the special # customer of the day so I got mine for free, sweet). Anyway, after 30 minutes I went to pick it up and it was perfectly clean just like brand new!! Dave, you were right, Gus is awesome.

The charge for the cleaning is $75 and it is certainly worth it because you no longer need to fix all of your images in post processing.

So if you are in need of a good camera cleaning you must check out Gus at:
Northwest Camera & Video Repair,
12749 1st Avenue North,
Lindstrom, MN 55045

If you are not in state I am sure you can ship your camera to him.

Gus at Northwest Camera & Video Repair is the best way to clean your camera sensor!

Get out and capture the adventure, with a clean sensor.


Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website