So I received my new (used) nikon sb 24 flash  (yes I know I am a canon guy), and the Cybersync transmitter and receivers , the light stands and umbrellas etc so last night I had some time to work with them and try to get the whole package working. 

To my surprise, it was easy to get the Nikon firing with my canon 5D Mark II.  I even was able to fire the Nikon light with my light meter hoocked up to the radio transmitter. 

BUT and it is a big BUT is I could not get my Canon flash the Canon 580ex hooked up to the system.  Of course canon does not use standard connectors to connect things to the flash so I had to go online and fine some kind of adaptor that would do the trick.  I found and ordered the adaptor from

There will be more to come when I get all this working as I imagined. 

Stop by and keep in touch.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions. 

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