Through the Falls: Zion National Park
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It was unanimous among the family members that Zion National Park was our favorite. It was a combination between the incredible views the great weather and the cool river running through it.

At this location I do not know if you can see but there is water falling right in the middle of the image. I am behind a waterfall that flows like a torrent in spring but during the summer it gets a bit dry.

There were actually two deer down in this area also and they did not seem to care at all that were were here.

At this time of the morning is was fresh and cool and you could indeed smell the water in the air… Later in the day it was 113F and you had to retreat to the cool of the stream below.

This series is from my family’s recent summer vacation. For our vacation we decided to make it extra special for our oldest son who just graduated from High School.
So for our trip we went to the amazingly breathtaking desert southwest Some of the most incredible National parks in the entire country are located in this region and many of those are concentrated in the State of Utah.

Our basic itinerary was drive from Minnesota to Denver Colorado to rent an RV.

Then drive to…
Arches National Park Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
Zion National Park Utah
Grand Canyon National Park North Rim
Four Corners Monument
Mesa Verde National Park
and then on to our final destination before coming home of Colorado Springs Colorado.

This series attempts to document our trip.

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