AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review

Have you ever had one of those images where you wanted to print it in a different way to give it a more interesting, rustic feel?  I had that exact same thought and this AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review is the result of that investigation.  Let me tell you the story.

Why Wood Prints

I have a client who was looking at one of my images from the South Dakota Badlands. The particular image is an image that portrays a rich contrast between the red rock landscape and the deep blue. And then you add on top of that an almost cowboy or the old western movie feel of the image. This image just would not work with a normal canvas print or a metal print or even a paper print. It needed something different something unique, more textured and interesting.

AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review
South Dakota Badlands Landscape Photography

Then I heard that AdoramaPix was introducing a new wood print, and I knew immediately I needed to try one for this image.

I went to their website,, and quickly ordered one through their super easy interface. See this prior Review of AdoramaPix for all the details on their website. I have course had to order the biggest one they made because I love all my prints bigger. Bigger is better right?

Gosh, the very next day the print shipped and two days later it was at my doorstep. That was crazy, it was way faster than I could ever imagine.

Wood Print First Impressions

Let’s take a look at the print and analyze the look and feel and the quality and everything about the image.

AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review
AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review

The first thing I noticed was, wow this print is a super heavy duty piece of art! It has heft and mass and toughness and that deep country feel all built into it. It just feels great to hold!

The next thing I noticed was the incredible richness of colors and tones that they’re able to put on a wood print. I really had no idea what to expect on a wood print and I must admit I was quite surprised.

How Do They Print It?

I got this information directly from the source at AdoramaPix.  Their printing process is very high tech and created in such a way that it will be very resilient to light damage etc. What they do is, “perform an image transfer onto the wood with heat.  It’s a heat transfer with high-quality archival inks.” So you get a combination of textures, both the rich image texture and the lovely wood texture all combined.

AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review
AdoramaPix Wood Prints – The Wood

The wood is basically some type of layered birch wood. I don’t know the details of that but it is a heavy duty, dense wood construction. The surface is as you would expect like wood with a more earthy rugged field to it. I can almost smell of freshly mowed Hayfield while I was looking at this, bringing back memories from my youth. It’s so crazy what art and textures can do to the mind.


The workmanship on the whole print was just lovely.

AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review
AdoramaPix Wood Prints Workmanship

Looking at how the wood was cut, I noticed the cleanest of the cut, the squareness of the cut, even the direction of the cut. Very nice work. On one side you can actually see a little bit of a burn mark from the blade, which gives the peace and even more authentic feel to it.

Hanging A Wood Print

Let’s turn the print over and see how we would actually hang this thing.

AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review
How to Hang an AdoramaPix Wood Print


I’m not a woodworking guy so I don’t know the name of this, but it looks like some kind of Dremel tool or something like that was used to create an indented sliding hole in the print. That way, all it takes to hang this print is to put a nail or screw on your wall that has a head small enough to fit into the hole and then slide the print over to make it level. It’s really that simple.
No fuss, no muss…

Other Applications

Gosh, what an amazingly beautiful piece of art. I immediately started thinking of all the applications of a wood print and all of my images that would fit so perfectly on a wood print. I bet many of you could think of the exact same possibilities for your images.


So I would certainly recommend an AdoramaPix wood print for your collection of images and for artwork for your clients! Go check them out, you will be happy you did!  I would also recommend AdoramaPix to all of you as you move forward with your process of creating better art and printing better works of Fine Art.   Just go to to get started!

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure!


AdoramaPix Wood Prints Review

Written by Wayne Moran - Visit Website