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Friends, I hear comments all the time that it is so hard to build engagement and grow my Instagram account.   Believe me, I know exactly what the people are talking about. Instagram keeps changing and it makes getting seen on instagram more and more difficult.  I have come up with an idea that I am very excited about that will help you build engagement and visibility.  I call this concept “Feature Me Wayne” and I am sure you will be excited about it when I tell you more.

Who Is Wayne Moran?

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. I am Wayne Moran and I am a travel photographer.  I have been blessed with great success in the Social Media world. Let’s go over a quick review of 2019 to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Wayne Moran 2019 Instagram Year In Review
Wayne Moran 2019 Instagram Year In Review

Wayne Moran 2019 Instagram Year In Review

2019 was truly an amazing year. First of all, my wife and I were able to travel to some of the most amazing places in the world.  That alone is an incredible gift that we are immensely grateful for.   But those trips allowed us to make some incredible gains on Instagram.  You can find my account here: @WayneMoranMN Let’s go through the results by the numbers.

  • @WayneMoranMN posted 86 images.
  • We posted 38 sponsored posts.
  • Our images received 361K likes.
  • We received 54,962 comments.
  • Our account grew to 88K followers.

Our Instagram Account grew to 88,000 followers. Can you believe that?  That seems insane to me.   My head is a little dizzy just thinking about it.

Why Does This Matter?

Frankly this matters for a few reasons,  It shows..

  1. I know how to use Instagram.
  2. I know how do create interesting content.
  3. I know how to take amazing pictures.
  4. I know how to tell a good compelling story.
  5. My account has grow big enough so that I am able to truly help others.

Yep, you heard it here, my purpose is to help others.

The Ways I Help People

There are several ways that I purposely work to help people.  Let me go through the list. When I help people I do these things.

Feature Me Wayne or #FeatureMeWayne

So how does “Feature Me Wayne” fit into all of this?  I am so glad you asked.   I have decided to use my platform to give small travel related accounts exposure to my large audience.  Note: It is important that you are a smaller account, (less than 50,000 followers) and you are creating fantastic travel related content.  

Feature Me Wayne Example of amazing travel related content
#FeatureMeWayne – Example of Amazing Travel Related Content

Above you will find an example of some images that I consider to be fabulous travel related images.

To Get Access to My Audience

If you need help creating amazing content, contact me for photography lessons. If you are are already creating amazing content, and you need some help with how to use social media correctly, first take a look at this article How To Become a Top Social Media Influencer, and if you want more information Contact Me for Social Media Lessons.

Start Using Hashtag #FeatureMeWayne

Finally when you have all the details above in order and working, start using the hashtag #FeatureMeWayne when you post your images on instagram.  Yep, it is that simple. Then once on week, on Thursday starting in March I will start featuring the best of the best content on my large account @WayneMoranMN. I will give you full credit on your image, I will use your original text and hashtags (unless I know better hashtags). I will encourage people to go follow you and engage with you on your page.

If you really want this to work, it is important for you to engage with each person that engages on your featured image. Also, go over to their page and show their images some respect by giving them some love and encouragement.


So on your mark, get set, go!  What are you waiting for?  It is time for you to get featured! If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.  And until next time, get out and capture the adventure.  

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