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As a photographer or artist, you know how important it is to have printing vendors that provide the utmost quality, incredible service, and great prices all at the same time. To keep on top of this, every once in awhile you need to do a check on some of the different vendors to see what they’re providing for services, quality, and price. So it was time to do a Review of AdoramaPix now Printique. I wanted to perform a significant review of products and services all at the same time. So let’s get busy!

Survey of What is Available

Whenever I look at any of these printing vendors I always like to check out the quality and ease of use of their website. You may not know, I’m of course a photographer and traveler, but I’m also a software engineer and website tester. I have a special passion for user interface design and usability. So let’s take a look at AdoramaPix.

You probably know many of the printing vendors out there still seem to use ROES, an early 2000’s Java application, for uploading images. I personally kind of hate that user interface.

Figuring Out Monitor Color Calibration

Well, AdoramaPix has a wonderfully modern web user interface that is intuitive and very easy to use. It has a fully integrated wizard to help you step through the process whether you want to do a quick-and-dirty printing process or whether you want to control each little decision and configuration along the way. Frankly, it’s one of the best I’ve seen in the entire industry. Kudos to AdoramaPix.

My First Order

So the first thing I did was order a relatively small number of normal paper prints to check color quality. You see I’m a software engineer, and quite technical but I still can’t figure out the process of getting the correct color calibration for my monitor in my studio.

Often times, what you see on your monitor isn’t what you get from the printer. For many artists and photographers, this can be exceedingly frustrating because what they have in their mind is exactly what they want to see produced on a print. I am not super crazy particular about this but I still want to see if it’s anywhere close to what I’m producing.

AdoramaPix Free Color Adjustments

AdoramaPix offers free color adjustment for their prints so that if your prints have an odd or bad color hue, AdoramaPix can do the adjustment for you.

What I did in my case was, I ordered two of the exact same prints, one with color adjustment on and one with color adjustment not selected. I must be better at color adjustment than I thought because the images were very close with some very minor changes. All in all the color and clarity was just outrageously fantastic!

The next step was then to order larger canvas prints. These are the types of prints that I generally recommend and order for my clients. I believe they show the best in a room they are the easiest to hang, and they have the great modern look and feel.

AdoramaPix Website – Your First Order

Let’s take a look at the website and actually step you through the ordering process.  Just go to

Review of AdoramaPix

Beautiful AdoramaPix Website

You will notice the website is incredibly beautiful, fast, intuitive and easy to use.

Pick Your Product


Pick Your Product

When you get to the website, the first think you will need to do is pick the type of product you want to create. You have a wonderful assortment of products to select from including Photo Books, Photo Prints, Wall Decor, Cards, Calendars, and items for Special Occasions like weddings, family, and travel.

Create Your Order

Review of AdoramaPix



So let’s go ahead a create an order. What are the easy steps we have to perform to make this happen? For our example, I am going to order some different prints. First I will order some smaller prints for color tests. Then I will order some giant canvas prints because that is the way my images look best. And I am sure yours look best huge also.

So first I will select “Photo Prints”. The website will walk you through a wizard helping you to perform the steps to get your first order created.

Press the Button to “Create Your Own”. When you do that a new form will show.

Review of AdoramaPix

Steps for Your Order

This form gives you the steps that you will need to follow to complete your order.  They are very simple steps.

Select Your Images

Review of AdoramaPix

The wizard will walk you through the 4 easy steps of the process. Step 1 is to acquire some images that are going to be ordering here. For most of us, that will simply be to upload them but you can also get them from another AdoramaPix Gallery, Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Amazon. Frankly, the selection is dazzling.

So grab some images and proceed to the next step.

Select Order Type

Review of AdoramaPix

Select Order Type Express Mode or Detailed Order Mode

At this point, you can choose to use the express mode or the more detailed mode. For Express Mode, “Use this mode to order same print size, paper type and quantities of all photos”. For Detailed Order Mode, “Use this mode to order different print sizes, paper types, and quantities for each of your photos”.

For this first order, let’s just select “Express Mode”. In this mode, you need to make two simple decisions.

Size and Quantity

Review of AdoramaPix

Select Image Size and Quantity

Select Paper Type

Review of AdoramaPix

Select Paper Type

Once you have made those selections, Press the button “Proceed to Review…”.

In this step, the site will analyze your images to see if their dimensions perfectly fit the print size you selected. If not, you will be able to tell them how you want each image cropped to fit the print size you selected.

Review of AdoramaPix

Crop Your Images

Proceed to Order Summary

Now, you can take a look at the selections you have made. If they are all ok, you can then select “Add To Cart”.

At this point, you are ready to complete your order. Gosh, I am so excited!

Review the Results

Small Photo Prints

I received both my orders which included both the smaller prints and the huge canvas prints. Let’s take a look at the quality and then see how happy I am with the results.

Review of AdoramaPix

Results of Small Photo Prints Order

First off, let’s take a look at the smaller prints. Remember I had been concerned with my monitor adjustments for color calibration etc. So what I did in the printing process was to select “color adjustment” on one print and “no color adjustment” on the exact same image. I could tell there was a slight difference, but in general, both images were well colored and very beautiful.

Secondly, I wanted to look at to the clarity of the prints. So the sharpness of the print after the printing process. I compared the print to what I had on my screen and the print was again basically identical. I was very very happy with the quality of the print.

Finally, I analyzed the quality of the paper the overall feel and texture etc and the finish on the print. Again they were all beautiful.

So for the small prints, I was very very satisfied with the results.

Large Canvas Prints

Now let’s take a look at the large canvas prints. I wanted to print three foot wide canvases of some of the glorious images from Banff.

Canvas Color and Texture

Review of AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix Beautiful Huge Canvas Prints

The first thing that I noticed was the color quality and the texture of the canvas. The color was rich deep and beautiful. The canvas texture was like I would expect in a museum in a work of Fine Art. Gosh, these prints are Gallery quality. I can’t wait till I can show these to my clients.

Frame Structure

Review of AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix Large Canvas Prints Frame Structure

Let’s take a quick look at the structure. First of all the wood frame was wonderfully thick and heavy. It was a nice heavy duty structure that was not going to twist or distort over time.

The canvas was attached with staples that were liberally applied so that the canvas would not come undone or stretch in any always. It would stay well-attached overtime.

Hanging Hardware

Review of AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix Large Canvas Prints Hanging Hardware

The hanging hardware was easy to use and very heavy duty. You could easily hang this then on hooks or nails or wires or whatever is appropriate for your location.

Review of AdoramaPix

Able to Hang Canvas Print on Existing Hooks

In my particular situation, I already had some hooks on the walls that I came out basically horizontally and I was actually able to hang the print right up on top of my pre-existing hooks. So basically it was a no work at all installation.

Wow wow wow, I could not be happier.

Long Shipping Time

The only thing I noticed in this entire process was the giant canvases took longer than I would have expected to be delivered. First of all, they took longer than expected to print or put together. Specifically, it took well over a week to get them shipped out of the of the printing facility and in route to my studio.

Secondly, the shipping speed was slow also. So either I will have to expedite shipping if I have a client that’s in a hurry or I will work directly with AdoramaPix to get a better definition of the specific delivery date.


Overall, I was ecstatic with the results. This includes the ease of ordering and the results of the small prints and the giant canvas prints. I would certainly recommend to all of you as you move forward with your process of creating better art and printing better works of Fine Art.   Just go to to get started!

If you have any questions about my results or have some my questions of the overall process please feel free to contact me I’ll be happy to get back with you.

And until next time, get out and capture the adventure!



Review of AdoramaPix now



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