Escape the Cold for a Arizona Photography Adventure

If you are from a northern climate anywhere in the world, you may know the stir crazy affect that happens as a brutal winter wears on. One way to combat the effect of stir crazy disease is plan a trip to a warmer climate in late February or March time frame.

As we started doing our planning we were looking for someplace relatively warm yet affordable at the same time. Airfares from Minneapolis to Phoenix seemed to be some of the lowest in the country so we started our research for the great photographic locations in that area.

Arizona Photography Adventure Grand Canyon National Park

We had been to some of the great national parks in the desert southwest like Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Arches National Park but there is so much to see in that region, you could keep going back over and over again.

I have found one of the best ways to do research for a trip is to simply post a question to all of my friends out on Facebook. I asked for a list recommendations of wonderfully scenic locations in Arizona. Of course you all came through again with a dizzying list of possibilities. We had to whittle this list down because there is so much to do and so little time to do it in.

This is the basic itinerary we came up with:

South Rim Grand Canyon National Park

Fly into Phoenix, then off to the south rim of the Grand Canyon for two days.

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Havasu Falls

While we are close to the Grand Canyon will will attempt to visit Havasu Falls

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For more details on Havasu Falls:

Update on Havasu Falls:  Turns out that during our research we discovered that Havasu Falls is somewhat remote on Native territory and it takes a special reservation to get into the area and to hike and camp in the area.  For this particular trip we will not be equipped to camp and we will be carrying abit to much equipment to hike in eight plus miles to get to the remote area.  This will have to wait for a time when we have more time and our equipment is lighter.

Page Arizona

Then for two days to Page Arizona for

Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon - 1
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Horseshoe Bend

Perfect Storm [Explored]
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Monument Valley Arizona

At this point our trip is feeling a bit tight for time but if everything works out me might sneak up to Monument Valley Arizona.  This park in on Native Navajo land and it’s landscape certainly leaves a stark impression on ones mind.

Sedona Arizona

Then for the last leg of our trip we will be back to the Sedona Arizona area.

With the perfect timing that I have come to expect from Popular Photography Magazine, they just publish a great article on Photographing Sedona Arizona. From Popular Photo Magazine on Sedona Arizona.

Early Morning Light

  • West Fork Trail along westerly fork of of Oak Creek.
  • Slide Rock State Park

Evening photography

  • Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing
  • Schnebly Hill Vista

Tours to consider ~ Red Rock balloon adventures

For your convenience I have encluded a Goole Map of the area to get you all situated.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Be sure to watch for all the pictures form this visual adventure.

Oh my goodness I can’t wait, Next time I will have to take you along for you Arizona Photography Adventure!!

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