If you have been trying to learn all the ins and outs of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography but so far have not been able to pull it all together. If you have been reading all the on-line tutorials and they have not gotten you to the point were you can produce an image that you are happy with.

Well you have come to the right place!!! 

Ferrell McCollough, in his book,   Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography has made HDR photography accessible to the masses.  His gifted style of writing and his ability to make technical issues understandable has helped to make HDR dare I say easy.

I know, I do not want to give away all the HDR secrets so that my work will just start to look like everyone else's work, but thinking like that is just plain selfish and that is not my way.  I would rather get all the mysteries revealed and have more people producing incredible art using this photographic technique than to keep this technique veiled in secrets and fogginess and keep people frustrated.

In this world information is indeed power, and with this book you will be a much more powerful artist.

Get this book and become the expert you are dreaming of becoming.


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Here is an example of what HDR can do for your images!!!   Just scroll through some of my HDR work. 

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