Duluth Depot Architecture

The Duluth Depot is a wonderful upper mid western architectural treasure.

Duluth Depot by !!WaynePhotoGuy
Duluth Depot, a photo by !!WaynePhotoGuy on Flickr.

Part of a recent trip to Northern Minnesota

Duluth Depot
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The Duluth Depot was built in 1892, served seven different rail lines, and accommodated 5,000 passengers. In 1973 it re-opened, housing the Duluth Art Institute, Lake Superior Railroad Museum, St. Louis County Historical Society Museum, North Shore Scenic Railroad, and five performing arts organizations. —

Duluth’s “Minnehaha” Tiffany window (sometimes referred to as the “Hiawatha” window) designed by Duluth’s Ann Weston—and a watercolor associated with it—will be featured on next week’s “History Detectives” on PBS North. Look for Wade Lawrence, former director of Glensheen, for his expert analysis of the window.
More details Duluth’s “Minnehaha” Tiffany window

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Duluth Depot

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