I have finally broken down an ordered a new camera.  Some of you that know me know that recently I have been consumed by my new hobby/passion photography.  I had purchased a point and shoot type digital camera last December and I have been spending most of my spare time getting to know how to use it. 

While getting to know how to use it, I have realize that it does not have some funtionality I need in order to advance into the most artistic forms of expression.

1)  Better replaceable lenses.

2) RAW data format for the photographs.  This data format will allow me to manipulate my photographs much more.

Anyway, the camera I decided to go with is the Canon Rebel XT.   I was lusting over an even nicer one but I just didn’t need that extra funtionality.  I am so excited, I can’t waite.  I am like a kid at Christmas.

I will try to get some results out as soon as possible.

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