Split Rock Lighthouse – Full Moon
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This was part of our recent family outing to the North Shore of Minnesota. If you are not familiar, this is along the magestic Lake Superiour one of the five Great Lakes. We went to several state parkes and hiked and explored. The weather was the best of the entire summer!! It was truely a great time.

This was all part of a trip taking my second son off to college. So of course, it was a bitter sweet time…

This particular shot is the historic Split Rock Lighthouse. This was an amazing situation. I was set up much further south to take a shot, Then a real professional photographer comes by and starts to chat. He says something like, do you know there is going to be a full moon to night coming up right over there at this time… etc… I said, I had no clue (Which is generally true in much of life, ask my wife and kids. I digress…). Anyway he showed me everything… It was an awesome learning experience… It was obvious this person knew a ton and the best part was that he was willing to share.

That photographer was John Caughlan of Superior Photographs . Thank you John. ;-D

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