The Beauty of North Carolina Beaches

I love the beach, it’s plain and simple. I do not think I have ever seen an ugly one. Ok, one that is polluted or something is less than attractive but even one like that still has that rugged allure to it. So now you know I love the beach.

Carolina Beach Pier Sunrise
Carolina Beach Pier Sunrise Wilmington North Carolina

Amazing Sunrises on North Carolina Beaches

That being said, there are some beaches that are more beautiful than others, and this summer I found something special. This summer we were able to spend some time in Carolina Beach NC which is a small town in south eastern North Carolina, just south of the richly historic city of Wilmington.

Sunrise Carolina Beach North Carolina
Sunrise Carolina Beach North Carolina

Some beaches are crazy tourist destinations. What that means is there are a billion things to do and a million people. That may be fun for a time but it is not where you find incredible beauty. The please places to find beauty are often where the people are not or certainly it may be at the times when people are not there. Like say early in the morning for a great sunrise.

Romance on the Beach Carolina Beach North Carolina
Romance on the Beach Carolina Beach North Carolina


Fishing on the Beach

Fishing is a glorious adventure at the ocean whether it be deep sea fishing, fishing on the pier or even fishing from right on shore. I was surprised how many people fished from right onshore and I was even more surprised with how successful they were. The trick one fisherman told me is you have to get your line right past the breakers. That area is teaming with all kinds of species of fish. This particular gentleman had a whole collection of fish already that morning.

Fishing on the Beach at Sunrise Carolina Beach North Carolina
Fishing on the Beach at Sunrise Carolina Beach North Carolina

Sand Dunes on the Beach

North Carolina Beaches are covered with sand dunes. The dunes are held in place by a course type of seaside grass.  These small sand hills provide habitat for local animals. Not only are they lovely and create a more mysterious view of the beach they also perform a very practice purpose of holding the beach in place and reducing erosion in times of huge storms like the recent hurricane Irene. Sand dunes are also very picturesque.

Romance at Sunrise - Carolina Beach NC
Sandunes at Sunrise – Carolina Beach NC

Local Attractions

A few of the local attractions are
– The boardwalk
– Fort Fisher
– Kure Beach Pier
– North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
– Carolina Beach State Park
– Carolina Beach Pier

Water Spots

Waterspout Carolina Beach NC
Waterspout Carolina Beach NC

The eastern facing view gives the most incredible sunrises especially when a storm is starting to brew. We got lucky enough to witness a water spout on one crazy day. It was certainly one of many highpoints on the trip.

So if you like beaches at all and if you get a chance, go to the Carolina Beach area of North Carolina. I think you will find it as beautiful as I have.

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The Beauty of North Carolina Beaches

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