Veterans Day 2008
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Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Both a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states, it is usually observed on November 11.

Listening to: Tell My Father: From "The Civil War: An American Musical"

Tell my father that his son
Didn't run, or surrender
That I bore his name with pride
As I tried to remember
You are judged by what you do
While passing through
As I rest 'neath fields of green
Let him lean on your shoulder
Tell him how I spent my youth
So the truth could grow older
Tell my father when you can
I was a man
Tell him we will meet again
Where the angels learn to fly
Tell him we will meet as men
For with honor did I die
Tell him how I wore the Blue
Proud and true through the fire
Tell my father so he'll know
I love him so
Tell him how we wore the blue
Proud and true like he taught us
Tell my father not to cry
Then say goodbye

There is an interesting story on the finding of this song… My wife and I went to a concert Friday evening of a men's choir that two people from my church are in. They sang this song and it immediately hit me. Those of you that really know me know what a soft heart I have and of course I was craying like crazy while listing to this… I knew I had to find this music… and post an image that matched it.. And of course my wife reminded me that Veterans Day was coming up… ;-DDD

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